Our reasonably priced, high-quality scanning services can help you create electronic files from just about any type of document or image. When you digitize your documents, it’s easier to pull up relevant information, access important paperwork, and provide any records necessary for your business operations. From old photographs to large files, Albuquerque Image Products can safely and quickly scan your documents and transform them into easily accessible digital files. We use state-of-the-art imaging equipment and software for advanced scanning and file management.

Accessible Archives

By saving your documents in a PDF format, you can create an easily accessible archive of all of your essential records from a variety of formats, including word processing files, spreadsheets, photos, and more. With PDF, information fields can be used for easy retrieval of specific documents, and bookmarks, hyperlinks, and other tools can help you effortlessly navigate your database. All of your documents will be saved at the highest image quality, for crystal-clear reproductions.

Fujitsu Scanners

In a fast-paced office setting, it is vital to be able to rely on your equipment. Scanners enable instant and easy replication of printed materials. Unfortunately, the heavy wear and tear of daily use can take a toll on standard scanner equipment. In fact, scanners can be some of the most delicate pieces of equipment in any workplace setting, especially because of their sensitive inner workings and mechanisms.

Albuquerque Image Products proudly offers durable and high-performance Fujitsu scanners. Each scanner can process up to 100,000 pages a day, with rates between 90 pages per minute to more than 130 pages per minute. If your business needs to scan a lot of documents in bulk, Fujitsu’s quality scanners are your best bet.

But Fujitsu’s scanners aren’t just about quantity; they also boast superior image quality. With up to 300 dots per inch (dpi), images scanned by any of the company’s scanners retain much of their vivid colors and detail. Also, the devices can scan images in color, gray scale, or black-and-white settings as required. The scanners also have multiple interface options, as well as high-capacity input hoppers, among other features.

Albuquerque Image Products is an authorized service provider of Fujitsu products – so you can trust us to provide you with reliable scanners that work as intended. We also offer full on-site services as needed for all Fujitsu scanners. Finally, our technicians can handle both the scanner setup and maintenance.

We’re just a phone call away. Contact us for any questions, troubleshooting, or equipment repair issues.

Let Albuquerque Image Products Inc. help you ensure that your workforce is at maximum efficiency through its inclusive services.