Automated Document Process with a Single Scan

Provides powerful, seamless data capture by indexing and outing documents using the MFP.


Key Capabilities:
  • Seamlessly scan 2D Barcodes, QR Codes and PDF-417 type barcodes
  • Automatically extract data, create folder, structure documents, and move files with automatic routing.
  • Reduce manual data entry, saving time and effort
  • Templates for document types are automatically decided using a forms recognition engine.
  • Validate the scanned the scanned data to correct and add additional information, eliminating errors before starting workflow, and add full pages to originally scanned documents
  • DMConnect Studio allows user-friendly drag and drop capabilities, and to print a document directly from your workflow
  • Seamlessly index documents and route them to your content management system
  • Excel-based data lookup utility to easily search by name, invoice, year or other applicable fields, without having to install Microsoft Office.

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